Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little Library 'Book Barn' Project 5

Learn more about 'little libraries' at The Workshop by G. Harrison:

It's All in the Name

A 'Book Barn' of ample size has been parked inside the front door of 'Milos' Craft Beer' establishment almost since it opened over a year ago. A sign on it reads 'Little Free Library - Take a book, Leave a Book'. Message received.

I visited a coffee shop in Wortley Village recently and noticed a small space on a shelf was dedicated to  the sharing of books. A single sign read 'Take a Book, Leave a book'. I understand.

No matter what type of sign I put on these book barns I bet people will get the message. Share.

But, before I get to the signage, I have to add doors, paint this or that, and cut up trim by the yard.

More to follow.

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