Saturday, September 23, 2017

Port Bruce, Sept. 21, 2017 (2).

Before 'The Deep End'.

[Photo: Before I jumped into the lake, I had to get there]

First, I stopped at Edgeware Line Creek to see if I could catch a glimpse of Snappy lounging under the bridge. I didn't. Only caught my reflection.

Then I stopped at the side of Glencolin Line to see how my future workshop looks. Oh, man. It still looks great. (I wonder how much the next door farmer wants for it? Probably a lot more than I've got).

"Gord's Workshop"

Then I had to have lunch at The Corner View Cafe, in the centre of the heart of Port Bruce. The Snowbirds (warming up for London Air Show) flew overhead while I licked my chops. Snap, snap, snap.

Then I had to change into my swim trucks and walk - slowly, thoughtfully - toward the beach. It is only 150 metres from The Corner View BLT Emporium to the beach, but I took my time. 

"The Deep End. I'm definitely thinking about it."

Then I soaked in some sun. 

Then I grabbed my camera and headed toward the water.

More photos to follow.

Above Photos - GH

Friday, September 22, 2017

Port Bruce, Sept. 21, 2017.

Subtle Differences.

[Photo: Same location as Sunday, slightly different colours]

Sounds in the air at the small port were different yesterday than a few days earlier. The metal channel barrier was squeaking, or groaning eerily. 

The subtle, daily differences in sights, sounds and colours (and more) may be one of the reasons I keep returning to these particular shores. Key Lime ice cream at 3 bucks a pop is a good reason too. : )

Yesterday I went for a dip in the deep end. Small camera got wet... but only for a sec. Photos from 'The Deep End' will appear soon, after the photo card dries off.

Postcards from Port Bruce:

From Edgeware Line, my first stop yesterday, to see if Mr. S. Turtle was home:

Nobody home but me.

My future workshop : ) on Glencolin Line:

 Not much traffic but the shop will thrive! Kiddin', of course.

 Last photo of the day:

Photos GH

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

From the Workshop.

Progress Report - Little Libraries.

A shelf sits securely inside the wee library, along with items that require a few words of encouragement, e.g., "Look Inside, Trade Books, Take a Book Home, Leave a Book Here Too."

The doors (see photo below) have been trimmed - just a tad - in order to fit very nicely, and will be in place today or tomorrow, depending on how quickly the fresh paint dries.

Each library requires a brightly painted sign over the door, and first coats are drying as we speak. Photo below.

If interested in earlier stages of progress related to little libraries, please link to Little Libraries in Progress (3).

Photos GH

Two Notes.

Hearts For Patricia Ann.

One found in my workshop, one found next to my desk.

 Dentist called for Pat while I was in the workshop

Short and sweet?

Please link to Gord's Journal.

Photos GH

Port Bruce, for the Birds.

Stay for the BLTs.

[Photo: The Common Perch]

The Yamaha is not warming up while I speak.

Tomorrow, maybe.

A few extra photos from August:

I often travel to Port Bruce for the breeze, birds, beaches, bikes, etc., and usually stay for a BLT at The Corner View Cafe. A+.

Please link to Port Bruce: Big and Blustery (3).

Photos GH

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Port Bruce: Big and Blustery (3).

Or Not.

[Photo: Erie was perfect for boating and bobbing two days ago]

The first series of photos related to 'big and blustery' Port Bruce revealed an angry side to the north shore of Lake Erie. Sunday (Sept. 17), however, was a boater's delight. And taking a dip came with no risks, unless I dropped my camera while bobbing along in the lake, head above the calm surface.

Photos from along the way:

Fashion Statement.

 Stay Clam

Follow this path to Pleasant Valley.

Please link to Port Bruce: Big and Blustery (2).

Photos GH