Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Workshop

Warmer weather, at last! I can work outside and watch the dust float into my neighbours' yards.

["Everything is within easy reach outside the shop"]

["Four duplexes, from cedar and barn board, are underway"] 

["Stacked and ready for sanding"]

Some jobs, however, are still best done indoors.

["A seven-plex is ready for primer"]

Progress in the shop will be monitored daily. And photographed, and mentioned, and mentioned again...

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Gord's Journal

I like birds that keep an eye on things around here.

enemy sub, bombs away

swimming could get dicey

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Gord's Journal

I like towns and cities on the horizon line. And sharks.

be careful out there

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Bird Watching

Two females are wary of my camera.

["Must you watch while I eat?"]

["Must you watch me build a nest?"

I must. 'Cause you're pretty darn entertaining.

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Gord's Journal

finger painting 5

starry starry night in a city by the sea

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Birdhouse London: "one last little doodad"

I took photos of two duplexes recently and noticed one needed something extra on a bench/perch. 'One last little doodad' was all.

["I hope the purchaser likes blue cats"]

["Pots can hold a few seeds to entice birds to land"]

Second duplex was made chiefly from rescued lumber, a save from landfill. Thumbs up, I say.

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Gord's Journal

A day late and more than a dollar short.

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The Workshop: shadow box treasure 5

This would be a good time to say the shadow box is finished. Because it's finished.

Twenty-four cubbies.

Support hardware attached.

And one stone, a souvenir from a past long voyage.

And now it's time to make three more shadow boxes for Gathering on the Green. So, busy times ahead in the workshop.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Gord's Journal: Finger painting 4

Still finger painting, but it's time for a little change up!

large town by the sea

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Port Bruce Revisited Finale

a wintry breeze cooled my face
my feet were rooted in their place,
and dazzling light from snow and ice
made sun's power more than twice.

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Port Bruce Revisited 8

Three views from Port Bruce pier while doing a 180 degree turn.

The north shore is a beautiful place to stand still for a few minutes, even longer.

Coming up: My last and favourite photo in this photo series.

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Bird Watching: "lone dove is back"

Doves usually travel in pairs, and this lone dove may be the one who lost its mate to a hungry cat last year.

I'll watch for it this week and see if it pairs up as the mating season unfolds.

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Photo GH

"Canadian weather - two days later"

Canada is experiencing a funny time of year weather-wise. You'll hear me laughing. I'm used to it.

Snow-covered chalets on Wednesday. Then a detour, to cold beer on Thursday. In the same back yard.

Oh, it's knee-slapper season!

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The Workshop: shadow box treasure 4

Two coats of varnish on the front, dried nicely. Check.

Varnish on the back, dried nicely. Check.

["Nobody sees the back, but I feel it needs to shine anyway"]

["Even old plywood looks better w stain and varnish"]

["I think the back now looks pretty cool"]

Second to last job. Add support hardware, e.g., one very strong wire. Coming up.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Port Bruce Revisited 7

ice, geese, gosling, beach - and a 360 degree turn.

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Gord's Journal: Finger painting 3

Grandson Oliver had questions about finger painting 2.

"Where is the city?"

I pointed at the rectangles hugging the shoreline.

"I know," he said. "But where is it?"

'yet again, city by the sea'

"It's beside a large sea, somewhere in Europe."

"Are we in the city?"

I thought for a sec.

"No. We're in a boat, about a mile from shore. Do you like the view?"

"I do."

And I like Ollie.

Finger painting 1

iPad GH

Port Bruce Revisited 6

Next week, when the weather is warmer, I'll tune up my bike and visit Port Bruce again.

I hope a bit of ice will still be hugging the beach.

Port Bruce Revisited 5

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The Workshop: "odd jobs"

I might be onto something. And then again...

Shop Project Detour Number 1

While in Fenelon Falls last weekend I drove over to Handley Lumber to pick up 'gray-on-both-sides' barn board and was told to come back in an hour. They'd 'bin busy'.

No problem. I can handle free time. Off to a great flea market/antique store I did go - just blocks away -  and saw something weird, maybe wonderful. After a bit of thinking ("This could be something. This could be...") I bought a tall CD cabinet made from well-aged knotty pine, not because I saw it as a suitable place to store excess CDs but because, after sanding and painting, it could be a pretty groovy six-plex for small songbirds who like communal living on somebody's back deck. Maybe even mine. But we'll see.

[I took it apart; it's now ready to paint"]

So that's a future 'off the beaten path' shop project you'll hear more about in the future. CD Cabinet Commune.

Shop Project Detour Number 2

"I'll come over and check it out, after lunch on Monday," I said to Mrs. King.

She wanted either a birdhouse repair or a new model because a furry buzzhead of a squirrel had done significant damage to the four-plex I'd repaired two times in the past. And when I saw the damage I came to a quick conclusion.

["They ate the front door and went through the wall!"]

"I want to fix it. I could sell you another one but your squirrels might make quick work of it too."

I like odd jobs, fixer-uppers, challenges, and the possibility of defeating a squirrel, even a nasty gang of them, turns my crank.

This type of redo could very likely keep me busy (and motivated) in the shop until I'm 100 years old. Rebuild & Repel Rodents! 

Stay tuned.

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The Workshop: shadow box treasure 3

The stain is called 'Cabernet'. Rich.

The varnish is called 'varnish'. Satin.

["Stand back. Still wet"] 

I'll let it dry in a dust-free shop, then add hardware to the back. Cool.

Q: Gord, how do you get your shop dust-free?

A: I leave.

shadow box treasure 2

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Birdhouse London: "I want another one"

"Heykel, you're duplex is ready," I said.

"I saw the photos. Fantastic. Build me a second one," he said.

I got right on it.

["There's space on the bench for one last little doodad"]

Almost done. Then, I'll make the call.

Heykel's tall boy ready to move

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