Friday, December 19, 2014

Halifax Trip

East Coast Files

["A very pleasant evening in Ottawa, June, 2014"] 

My June motorcycle trip was a dandy and I am now working on a black and white soft cover book that will tell part of the tale and include 100 of the 1,400 photographs I snapped along the way. A table top book is already finished - in living colour - but the B&W version should also be a lot of fun to create.

["Pleasant character playing a tune in Ottawa's Peace Tower"]

More B&W photos to follow, for entertainment purposes of course.

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Photos GH

My Morning Walk - Dampish

Froggy and Damp

["Fullarton St. Wet feet."]

After taking this photo I noticed I was standing in a puddle. Dampish walk home!

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Photo by GH

Artsy Fartsy 8

Sponge Candy

In 1964 kids like me could buy chunks of sponge candy for a nickel at the Norwich Arena. In 1974 similar looking art pieces were created that now appear on the north side of the London Courthouse.

Coincidence? I think not.

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Photo GH

It Strikes Me Funny 1966 (5)


As NYPD Police Detective Andy Sipowicz used to say, "I dedicate this day to local yout' programs."

Be careful out there.

L. John Croft
C. Dave Alexander
R. Ken Fidlin

Background - Maedel's Red and White store and R. Harrison's garage, Norwich

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Photo by GH, Cub Reporter

The Workshop - Cedar Feeders 4

Ready for Delivery

Lotsa paint and perches. Lotsa room for feathered friends. Now, two more on the go.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Favourites - October 26

Last Day in Edinburgh

 ["Nelson's Monument on Calton Hill, seen from North Bridge Street"]

["Monument on North Bridge"]

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My Morning Walk - Froggy

Froggy Froggy Day

Scene on Ridout yesterday. I looked twice.

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Artsy Fartsy 7

I Like It!

I don't know what it is but I like it.

Fish patty in thick batter? Foam seat cushion with nasty gouge?

Got an idea? Call me.

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Photo GH

The Workshop - Cedar Feeders 3

First Coats

 ["Roof slats, 24" x 20" total coverage and set at 15 degrees. Looks wide!"]

One red, one light green. Due by the weekend. Easy kap-easy.

["Seed tray gets 3 - 4 inches of coverage on each side"]

["Red cedar deck should stay dry in anything less than a typhoon!"]

Unless I've goofed up.

Could happen.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Faint Footsteps

Last Full Day in Edinburgh - Sunday, October 26

["The old chap chants for charity"]

I walked a lot of miles on this day, didn't get lost more than one or two times and made my 3 PM appointment to go underground, i.e., under the current city's main streets to see remnants of Old Edinburgh. If I recall correctly I ate lunch at Howie's and supper at Rabbie's and was back at my apartment by 9 PM, dog tired. I quickly tidied my luggage for an early trip to Inveraray with Geoff and Margaret Slee. Then slept like a rock.

["Early Sunday morning I found this simple, profound entreaty"]

The next five photos are of three subjects jammed side by each. So much of interest is found so close together I ended the day with 198 photos and several videos:

 ["Looks like a nice place for supper"]

["I found many rare single malts within, and bought
one for my 'workshop whisky sipping' group"]

I walked away from The Castle, downhill toward Hollyrood Park then uphill toward the top of Calton Hill and Admiral Horatio Nelson's monument. A sterling walk.

 ["Edinburgh Castle, at centre horizon line"]

 [Nelson's Monument, erected by 'the grateful citizens of
Edinburgh... to teach their sons to emulate what they admire,
and, like him, when duty requires it, to die for their country']

["A wide view of Hollyrood"]

Lunch at Howie's, followed by an underground tour:

 ["On the menu - tatties w gravy, haddies and haggis. Arrsum!"]

 ["Remnants of these buildings are underground on Mary King's Close"]

["If you got 'em, smoke 'em. Goodnight, Edinburgh"]

Lovely, narrow streets are everywhere. Some lead me home past quaint shops. News and loud snoring at eleven.

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The Workshop - Nick's Cedar Box

Fun and Fussy Details

I find that applying hinges can be fussy work, especially on items w a lid that needs to line up perfectly to keep me from going berserk. Fortunately, I nailed the job first time.

["I had fun selecting a few vintage fishing doodads for the client. No charge!"] 

Though the lid is held in place with sturdy fishing cord (tied off w old fishing line), I will look for a piece of brass chain as a replacement this afternoon. All done, I say. Time to stand and deliver.

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The Workshop - Cedar Feeders 2

Prime Cedar and Primer

I think primer is unnecessary for a western cedar roof so I am going against the grain by applying paint to the first two feeders. However, the next two will be all natural finish... unless I like the impact of the paint, once finished. We shall see. Keep an open mind, I say.

["Fifteen degree slope on roof made from 24"-long cedar slats"]

I also find that while painting I relax and think back to the carefree 1960s.

I wonder if the fumes have anything to do with that?

: )

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Monday, December 15, 2014

It Strikes Me Funny 1966 (4)


I dedicate this day to making the big save.

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Photo GH

Family Photos - Parents, 1930s

Mystery Mates

["Georgena Who w Dad, 1939"]

["Local Boy? w Mom, circa 1930"]

Who are these people w my parents?

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The Workshop - Cedar Feeders

Two in a Row

I cut up enough western cedar slats for four feeders and will finish two this week before assembling the others. The first one has a pine roof because I had one length in The Annex that will paint up nicely.

If I can have two painted by Wednesday I'll be happy. And I find it's important to keep me happy! : )

And busy.

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Scotland 2014 Photos: Faint Footsteps

Last Full Day in Edinburgh - Intro

On October 26 my last long walk-about in Ol' Reekie took me away from The Castle and to the very top of Calton Hill. There I stood at the foot of the Horatio Nelson Monument for very good reason.

Then I had a lovely lunch at Howie's and saw more of the great town before packing my bags for Inveraray and Glasgow.

More photos from October 26 to follow.

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The Workshop - Nick's Cedar Box

Down to the Hinges

Handles inside and out look AOK,
And hinges I finish later today.

I stand and deliver on Wednesday.


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