Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sunday Ride

Classic Trucks. One For Me?

General Motors Pick Up, 1937.

I was born in 1949, the truck was built 12 years earlier. Guess who runs better?

My Sunday motorcycle ride took me to Aylmer where I received news that there was something going on at a nearby (relatively) conservation area north of St. Thomas on Highbury. I'd have to turn around but it sounded good, as long as I could get lunch that was on par with BLTs at The Corner View in Port Bruce. (Fat chance, eh!)

I settled for a cold cola and freshly BBQ-ed cheeseburger and a walk down memory lane. Vintage cars and tractors and trucks and iron horses and more filled my afternoon. Why, if I'd had $50,000 I coulda come home with a shiny, burnt-orange pick up, maybe with an old Ford tossed in for good measure. What are the odds? None!

That being said, once I'd wiped mustard off my chin I had a pleasant walk around with good friends from Aylmer.

Photos From Patterson Park

1962 F-100 Ford pick up, I believe. 

Can you see me cruising around town in this old Ford?

Please link to Motorcycle Miles 2019 (4).

Photos GH.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Motorcycle Miles 2019 (4).

Port Bruce Under Sunny Skies

Jonathan Livingstone has one of the best seats in the house.

In spite of the fact I had not been on the Yamaha Virago in three weeks, it started right up. I had a two-pronged ride in mind initially, first to Port Stanley, then onwards to Port Bruce.

Somehow, with my mind wandering - the steady rhythm of the motor and 180-degrees-worth of sharp scenery does that to me - while heading south from London, I made a left turn at the Glanworth curve and found my nose was pointing toward only one target.

They must have seen me coming. The chef at The Corner View handed me the largest BLT I have seen in a long time - if ever - after my first short walkabout for photographs.

Beside the channel, I focus on where the sea meets the sky.

While I checked out the horizon the gulls looked me over. So did the OPP. I think one of the constables said, "Whatch you lookin' at!?", as he passed me by.

 Original size from the GoPro. Beautiful day!

The bike plays lovely tunes while on the road and I admire its reliable, adventurous nature. This 1994 model owes me nothing. 

Another original size photo from the GoPro. 

After lovely rides I park my bike near the back of the house. I let it cool off for an hour or so before I place two bike covers over it. I'm not the type of person who wants it in the living room or who can fix any engine or other mechanical problems that might occur. But I do occasionally stand back and admire its practical nature and think of it in artistic terms.

It's just a machine.

And it's just a whole lot more.  

And so was that BLT!

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Hops are Hoppin'!

A Banner Year.

Hop cones at an early stage.

If my hop vines were made of golden thread I'd be worth a fortune this year. Planted as a single clump about five years ago, the original Hop Mama has spread her wings 'slash roots' and now takes over 80% of available fence and lattice space.

Currently the vines and broad leaves provide shade on my back deck and once the cones are ripe, I hope a local, small-scale micro-brewer will take them all in return for a couple of cans of home brew.

Until that happens I will watch the cones gradually become the size of my thumb.

There are fences and lattices in there somewhere!

Thumb-size - a few weeks away

Please link to Toronto Walkn Tour 2018. Beer related ; )

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Toronto Walkn Tour 2018.

We Did More Than Walk!

David and Jack at Rorschach Brewery in The Big City.

David booked the rooms and the four of us paid our way to visit as many excellent, interesting breweries as we could during a busy weekend last fall. The Four Travellers are sons David and Paul, grandson Jack and a senior citizen... me.

Wow. We would do it again in a New York Minute. (A Toronto Minute is likely more up my alley).

We visited and sampled beers at Rorschach, Blood Brothers, Halo, Bellwoods, Burdock, Say What! (pub on Bloor), Godspeed, Left Field and a few more spots.

More details about our first stop of the weekend: https://www.rorschachbrewing.com/

Photos Samples from along the way:

 Jack and Paul sampling food and drink

 David checking on the price of Uber.

 One of our best stops. David is out front. Paul is at the cooler.

On Saturday morning we searched for a breakfast/lunch spot near our hotel... near the Air Canada Centre:

 Accidents do occur!

Heading for home, late on a Saturday night.

It was a great father-son-grandson weekend and beer-walkn tour. I'm a good walker so I could keep up to the young lads... with the same results in the Pint Dept.

A friend of mine from the Netherlands sent me the following photo, one of the best father-son shots ever in my opinion:

This next one of Paul and I, circa 1999-2000, is in the same category, i.e., a fav shot with the father-son theme.

I had completed a half-marathon in Quebec City and shortly after this picture was taken we could be found sitting in a lovely pub sipping Fin du Monde (Unibrew product) while watching a classic car parade go by. Awesome.

The scene behind us painted. The pints were awesome.

Please link here for more Family Photos.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Family Photos.

A Couple of Rare Ones.

My youngest sister Jane in the middle. Knobby knees! 1960-ish?

 Our old public schools in Norwich. circa 1960s

 My oldest sister Lannie, in an exercise class, PEI. 2018.

 Cousin Doug Harrison in right column, 2nd back. Date, location unknown.

I am at Norwich Legion, at Winifred Longworth's Celebration of Life. Summer 2019.

From assorted locations, e.g., Facebook.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

photos by prehistoric canadian (2).

Items From the Workshop.

A list of woodworking projects - with an artistic flavour - is getting longer as my list of workshop projects for others nears its end. I have had my fill of birdhouses and Swap Boxes and Little Free Libraries and custom orders and as my seventieth birthday approaches I am transitioning to a different gear.

My new approach will place an emphasis on a few hand-carved whales and projects that include the use of distinctive roof slates and bicycle gears. Oddities, I know, but they suit my nature.

 "Swim, Forrest. Swim!"

 I may add a blue, wooden frame to the above piece

 This is my first whale project using hand chisels. With frame. Sold.

 I'd like to try this again with different colours of paint

As well, WW2 research and writing - related to my Dad's 'Navy Days' - is high on my list of things to continue at least for another decade.

So, this prehistoric Canadian is in a mild curve in the road.

More to follow.

Please link to photos by prehistoric canadian

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