Friday, July 31, 2015

Found Object

As Good As Gold

Found on the curb. Now sits in my living room

I enjoyed this little project from start to finish. After finding an old table on a nearby curb, sans a suitable top, I went to work. I added a top made of four slats of western cedar, nailed a slat of pine over the opening where a drawer once had been, and applied three coats of red paint. Yesterday I levelled the legs and added two shiny drawer pulls. I've refinished and refurbished furniture in the past but, for some reason (maybe the red paint), this little item really makes me smile.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Four and Twenty

Blackbirds Baked in a Pie

At least 24 Brewer's Blackbirds mobbed my feeder this morning before I shooed them away. I smacked my hands and they fled the scene, leaving me to wonder if they taste good in a pie.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Something Strikes Me Funny

Three Topics, Four Photos

1. I didn't know Mother Skunk had triplets. hey all look the same to me.

2. Port Bruce is a great place for a cool dip on a hot day... like today maybe.

3. My 'funny meter' may be way off, but when I noticed this sign down the street last night I chuckled.

Me: I'd like to rent this building. Are you sure it's a duplex?

Owner: Yes. I counted the units carefully. I'm sure there are two.

Me: What are buildings with three units called?

Owner: Triplex with 3 units.

Me: And four?

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

B & W Shelfie

A New Word?

A 'shelfie' is a selfie of a shadow cast upon a print drawer (to be used as a shelf).

You heard it here first.

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88 Cubbies

From Hamilton Spectator

"This drawer will make a terrific display case for minutiae"

I purchased the print drawer for $50. Over-priced? Maybe. But I've counted 88 cubbies and $50 divided by 88 = 57 cents per cubby.

"My first shelfie"*

Once it is dusted, washed and attached to the wall over my computer desk, the drawer will provide me with a lot of entertainment as I try to fill each wee spot with a meaningful (at least eye-catching) piece of flotsam and jetsam from my long and productive life. 57 cents is pretty cheap, say compared to going a movie.

Wow. With that kind of build-up I'd better start looking for some decent stuff!

More to follow.

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*I may have coined a word. A selfie of a shadow = shelfie?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Custom Birdhouse 16

Final Note

"And now the dormer does not look naked"

My wife suggested one last addition to The Big Orange Four-plex. A musical note on the front of the dormer.

"Very good idea," I said. And it was so.

Link to 'The Workshop by G. Harrison' - one of Gord's new blogs - to view more posts related to the custom four-plex

Photo GH

Multitasking App

Movin' On Up

This morning, with the help of a new Multitasking App on my iPad, I planned my entire day WHILE taking a shower WHILE drinking my first cup of coffee FROM my favourite mug. I feel so enlivened.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trumpet Vines

Vines Hit the Right Note

 Ready to Burst

 Ta ta ta Da!

 "Kiss me you fool!"

The Wall Flower

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Friday, July 24, 2015

I Choose Ice Cream

On the Beach with Ice Cream

Yesterday in Port Bruce I saw fishermen coming in from the lake and sitting on the beach. It was a beautiful day to sit and eat ice cream too.  : ) I recommend the Toffee and Cashew.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vintage Trailer Birdhouse 1

Starts with a Sketch

 "Google 'birdhouses' > images > funky designs for more inspiration"

I have noticed that the month of July has been a busy month for me in the workshop. Custom projects and dozens of birdhouses have occupied my time, productively and positively in most cases, and - fortunately - quite a few items have been completed or are almost done.

When I start catching my breath my mind usually asks the question, "So, what's next, Buster?"

Well, now that I've completed a rough sketch of an old trailer and have done a bit of thinking about suitable materials for building such a thing (birdhouse that is), I think I will soon be knee-deep cutting lumber and assembling bits and pieces using the time-tested method called 'trial and error'. And though I have seen some vintage trailer birdhouses made with lumber and tin, I will stick to plywood and white pine.

"I will use angled slats to form the curved sections"

"Yup. I predict I'll need a lot of slats!"

More to follow, when time allows.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Port Bruce B & W 2


"Hmmmm. How many steps back home?"

One challenge we all face as we grow older is keeping track of all the challenges we face.

For example: If my motorcycle doesn't start how long will it take to walk back to London?

: )

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Port Bruce in B & W

No People on the Pier

 In my opinion, a rare scene

 "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, I presume"

 Marker on pier tells us Ottawa knows about Port Bruce

"Next up... Port Burwell?"

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Busy Chickadees 3

Hard to Spot

Mr. and Mrs. C. were busy last night and again early this morning feeding a full house of noisy youngsters.

My wife saw one wee bird stick its head out the door - just for a second - but getting a photo is tough business.

Maybe later today.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Busy Chickadees 2

A Full House

"One-inch hole makes for few enquiries by birds"

The two small birdhouses on our front porch have been decorative-use only for many years. This year one is home to a family of chickadees. And by home I mean a full house.

 "But something is definitely going on in there this year"

"Wee birds hidden by shadows"

I feel these photos are but a sneak preview to the busy times ahead for the parents.

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Young Robin Finds its Wings

Safe for Now

On the weekend a nearby brood of fledgling robins were eager to leave their nest, and thanks to expert parental coaching and encouragement they hopped about and discovered a use for their wings. One youngster found a safe perch in our front yard apricot tree. (I took the first photo on Saturday; my wife took the other two Sunday AM).

"I made it through the night all by myself!"

New Brewer's blackbirds, chickadees, cardinals, finches and sparrows have also fledged and learned to fly recently in and around our backyard. I feel 2015 has been the busiest year - for birds - on record in Old South.

I guess I'd better build more bird feeders!

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Motorcycle Miles

Flight to Port Bruce

"One boat. And then there were none"

One aspect of motorcycle riding that captures my imagination relates to the sound of the motor. The rhythmic sounds inspire melodies - with full orchestral instrumentation at times - that are better than most one hears on the radio. If I could capture those songs I'd be a millionaire. As it is, as long as I can ride, I don't need the money.

As well, another lure of the motorcycle is that it nearly replicates the experience of flying in a plane with an open cockpit, like Snoopy as he chases down the Red Baron. When I focus on the road 500 to 1,000 meters ahead of my windscreen I do feel like I'm in the air.

Yesterday, as is often the case, I ended up in Port Bruce with cameras in hand. I sipped a cold can of ginger ale while I viewed several peaceful scenes. Because of the wind and waves fewer boats or bathers enjoyed the water or fresh breezes as usual.

"Just me and a few seagulls"

At times I felt as if I was the sole owner of this special, quiet corner of God's Green Earth.

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Photos by GH

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Motorcycle Miles - Port Bruce 5

Lure of the Motorcycle

It's Sunday. The sun is shining in the trees outside my study window. And my motorcycle is calling.

Last week I fought off millions of mosquitoes as I stood on a high sandy ridge to catch a rare view of Port Bruce, in the haze and beyond thousands of cliff swallows.

The sandy ridge is directly above the first fisherman's head

I look forward to the fresh air and views of Lake Erie. Time to fly.

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Blooming Backyard

Trumpets and Beer

I think of trumpets and beer when I step onto my back deck. The trumpet vines are a-blooming and the hop vines are beginning to flower. They signal good times ahead.

 The hops are beginning to flower

 Vigorous vines will be home to hundreds of hop cones

When the hop cones are ready for picking, I will pop a few into a cold glass of light lager or mild pale ale, and gently stir. I'll 'soup it up', so to speak. And I'll sit, relax and listen to some good tunes. Maybe a bit of Louis Armstrong.

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