Sunday, October 15, 2017

Feeling Some Pressure (6).

After two years of good effort, I think The GREAT Canadian Comeback is about 10% complete. However, during the last month I have been hitting my stride, slow and steady-like, in preparation for my second road race in 12 years.  

Thumb's Up!

[Photo: Uncle Gord and Electric Dan survive the mud] 

Over 15 years ago a group of runners from London raced through Hell (Michigan) and returned home with gym bags filled with muddy, soggy shoes, shorts and T-shirts. The cheese-burgers and Karaoke Night we shared are well remembered; the muddy swamps and dirty clothes are now almost all forgotten. (We had mud up to our thighs in the above photo but didn't seem to care).

Times have changed. In Hell we ran half-marathons. Now I am aiming to complete a 10 Km. race, slow and easy, hopefully without any stoppages - or mud - on October 28 in Springbank Park.

I finished the week with a good run and 2 walks (Total - 28.5 mi.)

Today I start a new week of running and walking, hoping to cover 25 - 30 miles within my limits, and complete three runs in the 4 - 6 mile range. Last week I finished courses of 4.0, 4.25 and 5.0 miles in fine fashion, i.e., slow and steady-like, which is fine by be. And I didn't have to run through one swamp!

Historic Photos:

 The place looks nice on the postcard!

 I say, "Ladies' washrooms? Ma'am, turn left at Swampy Sewers."

My recent route to Baldwin Flats is high and dry. 

Yes, The GREAT Canadian Comeback continues in style.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Yer Outta Here!


[Photo: Too many humans!]

The above photo, and several others below, were tossed - for one reason or another - from a recent 'photo challenge'. Life's like that some times. You dress up nice, put a new fedora on your head, and first thing you hear is, "You wearing that to dinner?"

 Too much explanation.

 Subject is too small.

 Subject is too long and dark.

 This makes sense to only one person.

 Gord's first oil painting. Who cares?

Yes, it looks better in colour. Not Allowed!!

 Who cares about mud swallow nests anymore?

 I mean, who doesn't know about my love affair with Port Bruce?

 Even though it's fall, colour photos are not allowed.

 One rare salad fork = two rare birdhouses. Yawn. Outta here!

My Dad. Rare photo from Nov. 8, 1942. Allies invade N. Africa. First time
U.S. troops are involved in big numbers (50 U.S. Rangers raided Dieppe three
months earlier). My father is the Canadian sailor (centre) assisting U.S. troops
exit the landing craft. But, it's not my photo. Imperial War Museum. Rejected!

There. It's out of my system.

Please link to Favourite Photos (2).

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Favourite Photos (2).

From Here and There.

[Photo: 'Tis the season of last rides for 2017]

I have been challenged by Jane Harrison (to share some photos on Facebook).
7 days, 7 black and white photos of your life.
No humans. No explanation.

So, I'm looking through my photo files:

The Coves

He walks, he runs, he does it all

South shore of St. Lawrence River, Quebec

Fort Henry, Kingston

Peaceful cove in PEI

Wow. I ate a 99 cent dog, went for a run, drove to Kingston..... just for starters.

More to follow.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Port Bruce - October 2, 2017 (2).

Go South.

[Photo: Catch a warm breeze while you still can]

One goal for October: Ride south when the sun shines, and catch a few rays - 'cause winter's coming.

If this morning had not started off wet, I would have warmed up the bike by 10. Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine. Is Lake Erie still inviting enough for swimmers? Depends on who you ask.

Postcards from along the way:

 The last gull is 137.4 feet from the start of the metal channel barrier.

Arizona-style scene painted on the metal channel barrier?

 Looks like Arizona-style to me : ) except for the sand banks.

 Cornfields of Nebraska?

Highway to Memphis?

Please link to Port Bruce - October 2, 2017.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Port Bruce - October 2, 2017.

Corn, Clouds, Memorable Conversation.

[Photo: And getting there was half the fun]

Corn and soy fields north and south of Belmont are in 'full ripe', and harvesting machines and loaded trucks are busy every day now.

Skies overhead were so clear and crisp yesterday I wanted to write my name in the sky: "Gord was here. Could see for miles!"

Port Bruce welcomed me with a breeze that told me summer is over. Get out the leather jacket.

I conversed with a fellow my age (above) on the beach.

GH: Water still warm enough, eh?

He: Warm enough for me.

GH: Maybe I'll bring my trunks on Thursday.

He: I won't be here Thursday.

The End.

(And I thought it would be okay if he wasn't there on Thursday).

Note to self: Leather jacket, trunks, fresh batteries for camera on Thursday. And order 'fresh cut fries' again.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Favourite Photos (1).

Mainly from Port Bruce : )

[Photo: The only shot from a foreign country (Port Glasgow)]

The rest of the photographs were taken 'along the way', i.e., as I travelled to or along the beach at Port Bruce, Ontario. I visit the small port often because of its world class BLTs, hamburgers and Key Lime ice cream at The Corner View Cafe. I have made the 60 km. trip from London so often my Yamaha knows the way there by itself. 

 Mr. Snap N. Turtle, Edgeware Line Creek

 He heads north while I head south to Lake Erie

Stormy weather in August:

Sailing weather in September:

Black and whites:

Swimming with one hand, snapping photos with the other : ) -

Yamaha cools off while I enjoy a Key Lime cone:

I'm betting good riding weather will be available well into November.

So, more photos to follow.

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