Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Motorcycle Miles - A Hop Farm

On the Way to Port Burwell

On Sunday I picked my way - zig, zag, this way, that - to my second favourite port on Lake Erie's north shore, and while lazily doing so I spotted a new hop farm on Springfield Line, a kilometer north of the Nova Scotia Line (between Port Bruce and Burwell). I hopped off the bike and snapped a few pictures.

"Lots of room for more hops. Will the crop be viable?"

"The purple martin house (upper left) appeared to have a few boarders"

I say 'new' farm because most of the poles, cables and twine meant to support vigorous vines sit empty. Only part of the farthest three or four rows from the road have been planted.

Will more hops appear or be planted this year? I do not know.

So, as Arnold says, "I'll be back."

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