Monday, March 6, 2017

Port Bruce: Still Alive and Well.

My First Lovely Visit in 2017.

Lonely too - just me and a gull.

Last year I visited Port Bruce over 4,000 times via motorcycle, just for coffee and a bit of peaceful scenery. (For those that are mathematically inclined, it sounds like I spent about $8,000 last year just on coffee! Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it).

Yesterday, in spite of a biting cold wind and high water (and the coffee shop was closed too!), I visited my favourite pier in the world to snap a few pictures. Just me and a gull got within sight of the end of it, what with all the splash.

Definitely worth the time. Won't be the last time you'll be seeing this pier in 2017. I'm going for 5,000 photos.

: )

Photos GH


Butch McLarty said...

Doesn't look like a gull to me, Gord.

Looks more like an alien spacecraft on its way to Otterville ~ the precise geographic centre of the known physical universe (according to NASA).

Nice try, Gord.

But the secret's out and there's no putting the genie back in the bottle.

Port Bruce is on the main flight path for alien spacecraft heading to Otterville.

G. Harrison said...

Man oh man, the sun was in my eyes, eh! This summer we'll trace the Port Bruce to Otterville flight (via Honda) to see what's up!