Saturday, February 17, 2018

Photos From Along The Way

Terry Fox Path, Port Bruce Pier and Beyond.

[Photo: 'Froggy day' whether you're coming or going]

Some days bright, some foggy, some on the path, some on the beach, some under Wonderland Road counting drops that make a good splash. Walkn.


 Another Steady Eddie

 Splish Splash

 Island in the Sun

 Five- and six-milers are the norm.

A good fitness habit is growing. And I don't hate
pushups anymore!

By the numbers:

Another good week. Holding steady with miles 'til running weather is here.

496 pushups, situps, deep knee bends, etc., in my fun and fitness routine.

"Charles, I ain't skinny and my ribs ain't showing. But...."

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Photos GH.

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