Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hold Steady 16.

Photos, By the Mile.

[Seasons in transition on London pathways]

Throughout the winter months I generally walked north to Gibbons Park (above) and Baldwin Flats, or west to the Terry Fox Pathway. I had a goal in mind - run enough to hold my stamina at 6 miles - but poor footing got in the way.

Paths have been clearer recently, so I see runners more frequently, and I will soon be one of them.

That being said, I was able to hold my mileage steady - from November to March, about 30 miles per week - and when I ran 2 times in March, I easily covered six miles at a slow and steady pace. (Steady Eddie is alive and well).

And my fitness routine (incl. stretching, sit ups, push ups, a few weights) is a very steady habit and Charles Atlas will soon be able to retire.

Photos from along the way:

 Blackfriars Bridge is still in the shop for polishing

 95% of winter white has retreated to the North Pole

 My second favourite bridge on my walking route

 16 push ups, 16 sit ups, 16 of this, 16 of that! 1,000 - coming soon!

 My winter goals - a very good success rate

 Good walk/run on Sunday, the 18th.

 Steady Eddie miles of March.

New Spring goals are coming up.

More to follow.

Please link to Hold Steady 15.

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