Thursday, May 17, 2018

Motorcycle Miles 3: Peace.

Sixties Style.

[Photo Log: Pt. Bruce and I go back to the '60s. Library card still valid!] 

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My 1994 Virago finds its own way to Port Bruce, usually through Sparta. The motor hums in the key of G, and fosters road songs in my mind. By the time I stop for coffee on the beach I'm whistling a new verse.

Yesterday, under sunny skies, I doffed my jacket, sat upon a sixties log and sipped dark roast from a thermos. When I'm too old to cycle I'll buy a sturdy drone with an attached lawn chair, fly over Pleasant Valley - runs parallel and east of Quaker Road - and over Sparta to the north shore of Erie. I'll spot my favourite log from about 100 feet, then bring 'er down gently with cruise control.

 "under sunny skies"

"the north shore of Erie"

"bring 'er down gently"

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