Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Workshop - Squirrel Nesting Boxes

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["What's Gord building this time?" "Oh, dear"]

Readers may know I am not fussy about squirrels because they occasionally lodge over winter in my attic and eat seed from - and lay siege to, the fuzzy brutes - my bird feeder. I've considered buying dynamite but that comes with some issues.

However, I was recently asked to make two nesting boxes for a person who rescues injured animals and wishes to provide a sanctuary of sorts for squirrels. (If only the little beggars would stay in this person's yard and not visit or nest in mine!)

["I am well underway, more to follow, hopefully not more squirrels"]

So............. after considerable thought ("Again, how far away do you live?").............. I said I would build the boxes.  More progress re these projects will be posted here soon.

FYI I found it interesting that plans for nesting boxes exist online and many come from the UK and the southern USA. In both those places, as I learned in the past, squirrel meat commonly appears on menus and in butcher shops right beside the pork chops.

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