Monday, May 30, 2016

Steady as She Goes 3

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Back from Vancouver Island, and as Steady as Ever

"May 15. Cold day in Greenway Pk. Snow fell during the return trip"

I thought I would lose a step or two (in progress re The GREAT Canadian Comeback) due to a ten-day trip to the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island but I was wrong. I returned as fit as a fiddle.

While staying in Courtenay, without a car or bicycle of my own, I walked to each and every appointment and centre of interest but one. I walked to museums, libraries, beaches (related to my dad's navy days), grocery stores, restaurants, pubs, etc. To my farthest destination - Kye Bay, near Comox Airport - I cycled. From May 15 - 21 I covered 38.5 miles and I was ready for every step.

 "I flew out on the 16th to shorts and T-shirt weather. Good walkn"

When I returned to London I immediately focussed on preparations for a birdhouse sale, my neglected motorcycle and a messy workshop. So, during the last full week of May I recorded the lowest number of walking miles in 2016. 

"Oh yeah, I was JOGN smoothly a couple of times, within my limits"

But I didn't lose a step. My weekly average of walks and miles might be lower in May than earlier months but I may be closer to JOGN than at anytime in the last 11 years. Why, a couple of times yesterday, while completing a 7-mile walk-a-shuffle, I caught myself shifting gears from SHUFFLN to JOGN with ease. Steady Eddie is on the move, I thought.

That being said, I have the time to progress slowly and gradually and I will take the time to do so. Today I will walk easy and think about a specific goal, i.e., running a five Km roadrace in the fall, slow and easy-like, of course.

I really do need to sign up for an easy event - I'm running low on T-shirts.

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