Sunday, May 8, 2016

Basic Cedar and Barnboard 2

G. Harrison is busy as a bee. Please visit 'The Workshop' (blog) when time allows. The most recent post follows:

Assembly Line on the Go

"Red cedar faces and barnboard slats (for sides and roofs)"

Today was a very good day to stand outside and sand lumber. The breeze surely carried the dust all the way to Labatts Park!

Once I had the nail gun loaded, assembly time went by in a flash. Painting.... not as quick. I'm slow with a brush. And careful.

 "Barnboard sides and roofs look good whether painted or not"

"Coming up - a full-on trim day"

More to follow involving second coats and trim.

Please link to Basic Cedar and Barnboard 1  at 'The Workshop by G. Harrison'

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