Friday, December 9, 2016

Transition Zone Squared (7)

No Place Like Home Turf.

With the wind at my back.

Players in many sports like to play on home field before the home crowd. I'm sure several advantages can be listed.

When I go for a walk for fun and fitness I prefer home turf as well. I know where I can hit - when certain needs or goals arise - some good hills, clean comfort stations and a perfectly scenic four-mile route out of the wind, to name but a few home advantages.

 Yesterday I covered 5.5 miles. 24 mi. this week (so far)

This winter I will likely spend more time in downtown London and Harris Park (instead of Terry Fox Pathway, as last winter) because I'm thinking of ice-skating at The Market once in a while. Variety is the spice of winter. Have skates, will Salchow*!

Photos from along the way:

Another bad shelfie but I'm workin' on it!

* Salchow - Named after Ulrich Salchow, the Salchow is a figure skating jump with a takeoff from a back inside edge of one foot. The rotation in the air is made in the direction of the curve of the take-off edge. The landing is made on the back outside edge of the foot opposite the one used for take-off, and Gord can already complete the half-, three-quarter- and single-Salchow without doing any serious damage.

Photos GH

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