Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Motorcycle Miles: Bridgework. (2)

A Back Way to Port Stanley

[Photo: On the way to Pt. Stanley, turn west on Union Rd. Lovely country.]

A ribbon of twists and turns, best taken at low speed, lies west of Union. It leads to a old bridge that leads to a T-intersection and then (left) to Port Stanley's back door. 

Worth adding five minutes to my drive to the pier and large-size Mackie's French fries? I say, yes.


Go to Sparta in reverse: In the photo my bike is pointing toward Port Stanley. If I was to turn around, cross the bridge above, turn left and follow Union Rd. back to Union, then continue east on Union Rd., I would reach Sparta within 10 minutes. Lovely country and quiet roads all the way.

A Sunday ride is like a patch of paint on tarmac. Colourful!!

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