Monday, June 17, 2019

Family Photos 2019.

A Walk-About in Hamilton, aka Beer Tour.

["A Time to Reflect"]

My two sons and I are making an effort to get together on occasion to indulge in one of our several favourite hobbies, i.e., taking beer tours in not-so-far-away places.

Last November we visited Toronto for a long weekend (including my grandson Jack in the operation) and walked to a goodly, refreshing number of well-known and up-and-coming breweries. And two months ago sons David, Paul and I visited Hamilton for a lovely walk-about that included stops at excellent brew pubs and restaurants... and more.

There are more details about our travels than I could add here in a week. So, below, I will drop in a few of my favourite photos from Hamilton with illuminating captions under the heading "You Really Should Go and Test the Waters!":

"You Really Should Go and Test the Waters! (and New Beers)"

Paul (left) and Gord outside Collective Arts Brewery

David (left) and Paul walking to Merit Brewery on St. James North.

Inside Merit Brewery

We located "The Brain" on St. James, north of Merit Brewery.

Soon we were inside enjoying fine beer list.

"Noodle Me" and fine lunch is opposite Merit Brewery (mid-left)

Brux House was an easy walk from our accommodations.

Much to enjoy inside Collective Arts.

And more pints and samples to taste at Fairweathers,
one block from Grain and Grit.

Enjoying time with the boys?

Oh yeah! Cheers!!

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