Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It Strikes me Funny: "Is it a bird? Mighty Mole?" 1

Back in January mysterious events occurred in my backyard, right under my nose. Yesterday and this morning I was reminded that I never solved January's puzzle... and whatever it is, it's back.

["Yup, it's a stymied squirrel. But, WTHeck?!]

Yesterday a gray squirrel puttered around at the base of my bird feeder and before I could tease him ("Go ahead, try climbing up the pole. I dare you, I dare you. Suckaaaa!") I saw a set of tracks that got my mind a-racing.

Strange little tracks made by a critter light on its feet. Definitely not by a squirrel or rabbit or bird. But what? I was stymied, as stymied as any squirrel who has tried to climb into my feeder this year, as stymied as I was in January when I found tunnels in the snow and a stash of sunflowers seeds hidden under my wooden walkway outside the workshop. (Link to a definitely related story)

After a careful look around I saw entrances to two or three tunnels in the snow. One tunnel went under the walkway again. And again I wondered, who is it that's making a living this winter by picking up the seeds birds have flicked out of the feeder?

Who? What? When? Where?

More to follow.

Link to another definitely related story

Photos by GH

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