Monday, February 24, 2014

My Morning Walk: "icy, then nondescript"

Sidewalks and some roadways were ice-covered and slippery in places this morning so I had to watch my feet.

And when I finally looked up, while enjoying easy walking on Carfrae St., the scenery could only be described as nondescript. Only the sign belonging to the Carfrae Variety Store - abutting Richmond St. - brought me some amusement.

["Labatt's warehouse, backgr., home of nondescript beer"]

"Step right up! Like the sign says, we give you money. We take your money. We'll fill your idle hours with amusement. We'll fill your empty cartridges with ink. And we have a small art gallery, but it's almost nothing, really."

So, I proceeded to The Fitness Centre with a few thoughts to occupy my mind.

Photos by GH

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