Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It Strikes Me Funny: "Is it a bird? Mighty Mole?" 2

Some little critter, light on its feet, cleans up after the birds in my yard. E.g., sparrows flick seeds they don't like out of the feeder and the critter sneaks out and makes his living. But who? What?

Photos from 8 AM today:

["It's tiny, hugs the ground. Smells its way around?"]

["It is familiar with maps of Asia"]

["It hides in snow tunnels, and skitters under my walkway"]

["It comes out the other side of the walkway,
and heads toward my workshop door"]

Hey, where's my hammer!?

Bird? Mouse? Chipmunk? Mighty Mole?

Link to "Is it a bird? Mighty Mole?" 1

Photos by GH

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