Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trent-Severn Dockside 1

Another Visit to Lindsay

"Old property across the river. I'll explore it in the future"

During mid-September I travelled to Lindsay and visited with my son and his family at a rented cottage nestled beside a bend in the river connecting Lindsay and Fenelon Falls [See 'Trent-Severn Riverside' photos in September's archive, right margin]. If I had the money I'd buy the place, but I'm sure I'll be satisfied to be a renter two weeks at a time over the next few years. (Great find. Score one for the good guys!)

Last weekend I returned for another visit. It won't be my last. A few stunning photos will follow over the next few days : )

 "Gord likes the dock and, on a sunny day, his straw hat"

 "This photo is an accident, but I like it anyway"

"This master-fisherman soon converses with another"

I wrote down most of their conversation. Stay tuned. 

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