Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trent-Severn Dockside 4

A Whopper of a Fish Story

On Friday, September 25 I drove to Lindsay to visit my son and grandson. While there I relaxed dockside, camera in hand. Mid-afternoon I overheard quite the story pass between two local fisherman who, by their tone of voice, knew each other. Because of other visits to the same cottage and dock, they seemed familiar to me too. I had paper and pen handy and jotted down most of their conversation.

A few words of greeting were followed by this brief exchange:

Canoe: When the leaves fall off the trees, then we'll catch more fish.

Blue Vest: Well, even now we'll catch ourselves a few.

Canoe: Yeh, you're right.

Blue Vest: Just recently I caught a big one. 49 and a half. It was the biggest fish I ever pulled out of here.

Canoe: (No response, as I recall. But I had a few questions, left unasked.)

If the fish was four feet long, maybe I should take up fishing!!

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