Monday, September 26, 2016

Go East, Young Man 1.

Have Map, Will Travel.

Kamouraska, overlooking St. Lawrence and Old Highway 132.

I usually travel the old-fashioned way. I use maps, not GPS. I prefer the old Trans-Can over the new, to sleep in hostels, cook my own breakfast and travel light luggage-wise. My habits are linked to solo motorcycle rides - over the last 10-12 years - from London to the Bruce Peninsula, Thunder Bay, the Gatineaus and the East Coast (twice).

Recently my wife and I travelled to PEI by car and I changed my approach to meals and accommodation to make life easier on the road, miles spread about equally over 3 days. That being said, when opportunities arose, I ducked off the quick-and-easy routes to show Pat the roads and scenery that were more common-place a decade or more ago. She gave me a thumbs-up.

 Wow. Better than a chuckwagon, in Cornwall

 Near St. Germain de Kamouraska, between old and new Trans-Canada routes

 I found it, i.e., a microbrewery I spotted in 2014 while motorcycling.
Pat was so pleased! : )

Located next to Highway 132, southern shore of St. Lawrence, NE of
Kamouraska, home of world's best bakery. Both are bucket list items!

Go farther and faster per day? I can do that, but for now I prefer slow and easy, elbow out the window and good tunes on the radio.

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