Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25 - Home Sweet Home

Every Time, Home is Best

 Kamouraska region, QUE. Mound at end of tarmac (left) has a familiar hump

Every time I travel I love coming back home to my wife, my bed, my dresser, my coffee pot, my workshop, my streets.... all my favourite people, places and things. Pat and I returned on Friday from  a 4,200 KM (total) drive to PEI, and now I feel very much back, at home and at peace with the world.

We slept poorly first night back, too tired perhaps, highway noise still in our ears perhaps, but we both agreed this morning that we slept very well last night. And the coffee tasted better!

Two photos follow from three cameras and a combined file of 415, i.e., the first and the last in the file. Coincidentally, the first was taken during the second day of our travels on the way to PEI (a small number of GoPro shots lined up first in the iPhoto album) and the last was taken 2nd to last day of our travels back home. Also coincidentally, both shots overlook Highway 132, south shore of the St. Lawrence. and within a few KMs of one another.

Microbrasserie (Ferme!) stands below distinctive mound, on Highway 132

Microbreweries and fine beer did not dominate the trip, but I could not resist getting off the fast-paced Trans-Canada Highway and onto narrower, slower-paced secondaries roads, like the old Trans-Can, where many fine craft brewers, bakers and old-style dairy bar owners are making a decent living.

413 more shots to follow. : )

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