Friday, January 20, 2017

WALKN Miles in 2017. TZ2 (16).

WALKN One Marathon Per Week.

Overtop the Horton Street extension, walkn toward Harris Park.

Atop the tracks between Horton and York Streets

This week (January 15 - 21) I have covered my miles in a variety of ways, with a marathon of miles (26.2) as my target. I think the goal is a good one, easy to remember, appropriate for a retired marathon runner and certainly within my limits (I walked slightly more than one marathon per week in 2016, on average).

 Thanks to global warming, Sunday was easy walkn.

Sunday's walk on the Terry Fox Pathway (6.75 miles) on a sunny day started the week in fine style. Monday's walk to Berkshire Village - easy kap-easy. On Tuesday, after a 3 PM visit, I was loaned a book (by the son of a WW2 correspondent) and spent part of the evening readn and ridn.

Walkn, playing hockey, more ridn, plus - walkn to a hockey game.
Variety is the spice of life.

Tonight (Friday, Jan. 20), after I walk downtown for supper with friend Bernie (currently, a fast marathoner), I will have covered this week's "walking marathon." Not bad for an old geezer.

More Photos From Along the Way:

I prefer snow over rain in January!!

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