Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WALKN Miles in 2017. TZ2 (18).

Off to a Good Start, I Say!

Yes, I've hit a few bad days for WALKN. (But not many).

The first month of 2017 has been gentle in many ways - if you're a regular walker or cyclist. After one thick snowfall the streets were soon bare again.

Will January be the warmest on record? Could be. I saw two motorcyclists on Sunday!!

Easy WALKN and BIKN so far.

I'm pretty sure my biking miles will be higher this month than usual because - when asked about Christmas gifts - I suggested people give me books, bargain table books, even used ones. So, I have a stack two feet high! READN and RIDN will be my thing 'til end of February, I bet.

Photos from along the way:

As the miles pile up, the book pile will fall.

Please link to WALKN Miles in 2017. TZ2 (17).

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