Sunday, January 22, 2017

WALKN Miles in 2017. TZ2 (17).

I Aim for a Marathon Per Week.

My aim is straight and true.

Mild weather and clean sidewalks helped to make this an 'easy walkn' week. My goal was to cover - at least - marathon mileage, i.e., 26.2 miles or 42.2 km, and I had 30 miles wrapped up after my walk home from Friday's hockey game at Budd Gawdens.

By the Numbers:

 I was BIKN on Thursday and WALKN on Friday

 Three WALKN marathons in January. One more?

My 10-week average reveals a 'Steady Eddie' approach to WALKN

My mileage over the last ten weeks has been very consistent: One week, while away, I walked 17 miles; during all the rest I covered 24 - 30 miles, with 7 weeks at marathon mileage or higher. 

Prediction - Barring unforeseen injuries or more than the usual number of vacations from WALKN, I should be able to walk 40 or more marathons in 2017. (3 in 3 weeks in 2017 so far). 

My aims are within my limits

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