Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Be Prepared. Wear Pants.

Loads of walkers and joggers were out on Sunday.

On my way to UWO on Sunday, as I past through Harris Park, I tossed my light jacket over my shoulder. The weather was perfect for T-shirts. And my mind quickly turned to lighter clothing (Next time!), spring, and 'cruisen', aka easy jogging.

Though I wasn't ready for jogging on Sunday, I am now. T-shirts, running shoes, high-tech running pants are at the ready. (I even have stylish shorts for when my stubby-little legs are no longer winter white).

If the sun is out, "Winter Walk No. 86" will be for CRUISEN

This time of year, a dozen years ago, I was training for the 2005 Boston Marathon, doing speed work faster than ever and hill workouts as if my life depended on them. It didn't, but I wanted to be ready for The Big One. Today, I'll be happy to coast along at the easiest of speeds, being careful not to step in any puddles.

EASY CRUISEN, that's my game now.

Photos from along the way:

On February 20 I realized Spring had sprung.

 So many pedestrians, the geese had to take to the infield

Under Wonderland Road

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