Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Upcoming Projects: Libraries and a Shadow Box.

A Busy Spring Already, and It's Not Even Spring.

One library(left) is ready to go. Stock for another sits under a birdhouse.

Old Londontown has been under a warm spell recently, warmer than I like in mid - late February. That being said, I'm taking advantage of the mild jolt and getting stuff done inside the workshop. Not that I'm open for business, but I'm busy already.

One library, high and dry inside the shop, is set for delivery, while three more are under way.

Stock for two more libraries is ready to sand, then assemble.

Birdhouse plans are getting dusted off and a new shadow box idea is percolating. I'll start with a shadow box ASAP - to show off the faded piece of T-shirt below - in order to inspire my upcoming season of walking and jogging.

"POLSKA 1956" commemorates achievements of the Polish Wunderteam.

I wore the T-shirt for many years, until the material started to develop holes here and there. Though there are still a lot of holes in my fun and fitness routine, I feel my comeback is well underway.

More to follow from The Workshop.

Please link to Artsy Fartsy Bicycle Gear 1: Shifting to Creative Touch

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