Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WALKN Alone in The Wet.

Good Reason to Stay Indoors.

The River is Rising.

On rainy days, London's pathways are generally deserted, except for a few lonely dog walkers, and the Canadian geese that congregate at Harris Park (above). I'll venture out as well on occasion, umbrella in hand, camera and coffee money stored inside dry pockets.

But yesterday was too much. Too much rain, too much slushy water built up at the edge of the road. So, I changed into cycling gear, grabbed a good book and did some 'readn and ridn' on my exercise bike instead, counting every 20 minutes on the bike as one mile of walkn, as per my handy-dandy, scientifically-accurate equivalency chart.

(20 minutes of volleyball is also equal to one mile of walking but who would want to play volleyball in Harris Park on a rainy day?)

Can I walk a marathon per week (26.2 miles) from January to March?

By the end of March I will likely be near the end of 'Transition Zone 2' (TZ2), a set of 120 walks that will prepare me for a new season of walking/jogging/running at an easy pace. I'm not thinking about running an actual marathon, but I think a good spring - fall goal would be to walk/run a marathon's mileage per week.

Over the last ten weeks I have averaged 27.7 miles, so I'm already comfortable with the marathon distance per week. Smooth jogging and running, however, is another kettle of fish.

We shall see what we shall see.

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