Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Port Bruce Collection (2)

No One About?

On a side road heading toward Aylmer.

Roads were quiet on Sunday. Temperature was low, so I imagined everybody staying indoors, leaving the countryside and Port Bruce barren.

The beach was quiet too. Thank goodness I wore extra layers, snowmobile gloves, a scarf around my neck, and long johns. The wind at the pier had bite, and brought tears to my eyes.

Looking east toward Port Burwell from Port Bruce.

Surroundings livened up a bit after I parked my bike near the boat channel. Geese and gulls and a few people joined me while I visited the north shore of Lake Erie and dealt with the NW wind.

I hope it is warmer, as predicted, on Wednesday.

Brought to you by Yamaha 1100, 1994.

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