Saturday, May 20, 2017

Swallows Rule the Air.

Hawk Cliff vs Swallow Cliff.

A friend and I motorcycled to Port Bruce on Wednesday but made rewarding stops along the way - there and back.

At Hawk Cliff, access via Dexter Line east of Port Stanley, we spotted so many swallows in cliff-edge nests (and no hawks) a name change to the location was in order. On Hunter-Crossley Line (running east and west, about two miles south of Belmont) we spotted a dozen pairs of nest-building swallows under a bridge, and one pair in a tree cavity.

Sand Swallow Cove:

 Swallows beyond counting

Under Hunter-Crossley Bridge:

 Mud nests are still under construction

An old tree next to Hunter-Crossley Bridge:

Male swallow (left), red-wing blackbird (centre), female swallow (right).

Port Bruce:

Please link to Subtle Link to Port Bruce?

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