Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Return to Swallow Cliff.

Crop Tour Planned for Friday.

Cliff swallows fill the air on Erie's north shore.

Last week another motorcyclist and I braved the one km-long gravel road that connects Dexter Line to Hawk Cliff (now aka Swallow Cliff) and immediately noticed the swallows making nests and feeding young on sand banks between Port Bruce and Port Stanley. We didn't bother to count.... the birds dart like bottled lightning.

This coming Friday we will return, along with two more fellows, during a crop tour (leisurely ride in the country) along Highway 59 to Long Point and environs. I expect swallows will rule the air again.

Photos from the first visit:

Last week we travelled via Highway 73 to Port Bruce.

Highway 59 begins one mile north of Tavistock and ends at The Causeway Restaurant in Long Point. Shoreline roads between Long Point and Port Stanley pass through some lovely country. 

I hope everybody likes my Bob Dylan CDs!!

News at 11.

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