Monday, June 12, 2017

"Feed Me, Ma!"

Sparrows Talk to One Other.

A family of sparrows - with an excellent skill for communication - resides in a small birdhouse on my front porch. The chatter is constant (e.g., "Feed me. Now. Now") and the activity around the box is non-stop. (A chick's beak can be seen in the photo above).

 "We're here. We're ready"

 "Me first!"

"Ma, I want more!"

And they speak in a distinct language!

Both adults speak to the chicks during feeding time. The parents land, with food,  in a nearby apricot tree, and announce their arrival. (E.g., "Get ready.") The chicks then lean out the door of the box.

When I stood to get a photo of the two eager, hungry, wee ones, the male grew alarmed and sounded a warning.

He said, "Look out! Look out." (Really, his chirps sounded like those exact words.)

The heads of the chicks disappeared. I sat down. The female then announced she was nearby. The wee beaks reappeared at the door.

I thought, Why should I be surprised the sparrows talk to one another in chirps I can understand? They are English, after all.

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