Friday, June 30, 2017

The Birds Have It.

Port Bruce is a Good Destination.

[Photo: And 'Under the Bridge' is a Grand Detour.]

My motorcycle knows the way by heart. Head south of Belmont two miles, to Hunter-Crossley Rd. Turn left.

Once dismounted beside the bridge, I prepare for the trek down under. I proceed carefully down a grassy creek bank in motorcycle boots, carrying two cameras. And I hope to see young birds, with their heads at the door of the mud nests, accepting food from parents during a fly-by.

Shortly after I am standing directly under the centre of the bridge, and near the edge of a creek, I realize I am a bit early in the year. The chicks are too small to push their way or step toward the door, so adult birds are not doing fly-bys. They stop to enter the nest to feed young, or they cling to its edge and stretch inwards with food in their mouth or throat.

 An adult swallow plays peek-a-boo with me. Nervous birds.

Soon, heads will be at the door. "Feed me," they'll cry.

I'll return to Hunter-Crossley bridge in the near future. To see heads at every door is my goal.

Next, I land in Port Bruce. First thing I see are gulls sitting on the breakwater near the channel, neatly groomed for photographs.

More photos from along the way:

 Abandon ship!

 Female Martin takes a break, upper right on perch

Gateway to the sea 

The beat goes on

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