Thursday, June 22, 2017

Motorcycle Skies.

Bright Blue over Erie.

[Photo reveals extensive cloud cover, south of Belmont.]

Early yesterday morning the sky was clear over my back deck. Hardly any breeze. Motorcycle time, I thought, still in my PJs. I was on my way south an hour later.

I discovered, while heading toward Port Bruce, a wide band of clouds stretched from London to Lake Erie's north shore. But over the water clear skies prevailed. Goodly numbers of people dotted the pier and rustic beach areas, soaking in a perfect day.

Photos from along the way, with snappy commentary : )

 In ten years I'll be parking in the shade.

 A break in the wall.

 Faint cloud cover several miles south.

 Purple Martins and sparrows share a house near the channel.

 Martins carry on lengthy conversations.

 Swallows feed their young under a bridge.

Within a week, wee heads will be visible at the doors.

I shall return.

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