Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Feeling Some Pressure (9).

Counting Down to Race Day.

[Photo: Going down the up staircase, Harris Park]

I ran on the Terry Fox Parkway yesterday, nice and steady for 4.5 miles after a quarter-mile walk to warmup. Today I have a 3-mile 'easy walk' scheduled, and tomorrow I have my last 'steady 6-miler' before race day, Oct. 28. So, the race will be in my legs by Wednesday, and two easy walks on Thursday and Friday will help prime the pump for The Hallowe'en Haunting 10K on Saturday.

The 4.5-miler was my 13th run in October. Slow and Steady Eddie.
SP45 above means Some Pressure, 45th outing of 50. 

I had 15 runs in September and will finish October with as many or more, including Saturday's race, during which I will try to maintain a steady pace - within my limits - and finish in 64 minutes, thereabouts. (I will predict my race result tomorrow, after my 6-miler).

 Legs are healthy. Must be doing something right.

Weekly walk/run mileage for the last 10 weeks - looks steady.

Average of the last 10 weeks is up from previous averages.

While doing more running during September and October and keeping 'some pressure' on myself (aiming for more hills, taking fewer walking breaks, pushing the pace a bit), I often wondered if I would like to keep running through the winter. Would I like to do a half-marathon in the spring or early summer (one of my favourite distances)? 

And while running yesterday I thought about a plan that would keep the 10-Km distance in my legs until spring: Try to complete about 6 outings per week until March, i.e., 2 easy walks, 2 'slow and easy' walk/runs (walking with running breaks, or running with walking breaks), 2 slow and steady runs in the 4 - 6 mile range, with total mileage per week in the 25 - 30 mile range. 

I've been swimming upstream and liking the adventure. 

I have another bridge to cross re The Comeback.

I guess I'll have to decide what to do soon because I'm only 5 outings away from setting new goals for the rest of 2017. I've maintained Some Pressure for my last 45 outings. Can I keep that up for another 100 outings, or until March? We shall soon see what I decide.

Stay tuned as The GREAT Canadian Comeback continues.

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