Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Port Bruce - October 2, 2017.

Corn, Clouds, Memorable Conversation.

[Photo: And getting there was half the fun]

Corn and soy fields north and south of Belmont are in 'full ripe', and harvesting machines and loaded trucks are busy every day now.

Skies overhead were so clear and crisp yesterday I wanted to write my name in the sky: "Gord was here. Could see for miles!"

Port Bruce welcomed me with a breeze that told me summer is over. Get out the leather jacket.

I conversed with a fellow my age (above) on the beach.

GH: Water still warm enough, eh?

He: Warm enough for me.

GH: Maybe I'll bring my trunks on Thursday.

He: I won't be here Thursday.

The End.

(And I thought it would be okay if he wasn't there on Thursday).

Note to self: Leather jacket, trunks, fresh batteries for camera on Thursday. And order 'fresh cut fries' again.

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