Sunday, July 14, 2019

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Items From the Workshop.

A list of woodworking projects - with an artistic flavour - is getting longer as my list of workshop projects for others nears its end. I have had my fill of birdhouses and Swap Boxes and Little Free Libraries and custom orders and as my seventieth birthday approaches I am transitioning to a different gear.

My new approach will place an emphasis on a few hand-carved whales and projects that include the use of distinctive roof slates and bicycle gears. Oddities, I know, but they suit my nature.

 "Swim, Forrest. Swim!"

 I may add a blue, wooden frame to the above piece

 This is my first whale project using hand chisels. With frame. Sold.

 I'd like to try this again with different colours of paint

As well, WW2 research and writing - related to my Dad's 'Navy Days' - is high on my list of things to continue at least for another decade.

So, this prehistoric Canadian is in a mild curve in the road.

More to follow.

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