Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ollie and Me: “Aye aye, Captain”

It was very hot in London last week so I suggested to my wife we take Ollie to the Fork of the Thames, in downtown London, instead of staying indoors and running the A/C.

Ollie is almost an adult now (he’ll be six in December), and likes to be a part of all decision-making that affects him, so I mentioned the saucer swings, sand box, water park and fountain in glorious terms. Something caught his fancy, so off we went.

[We salute the Captain and sail the sandy seas]

[I salute again from behind a fountain’s spray]

Though I tried on several occasions, I couldn’t lure Ollie into or under the spray in order to cool off.

However, I noticed he was curious about many of the water park’s features, so maybe he just needs time to explore at his own speed.

He was very tired at the end of ‘exploring’ for an hour, so I offered a ride. He was so busy watching a storm approach (at 5 p.m. Thursday, June 21) that he had no time to salute the Captain one last time. 

[Photos by P. and G. Harrison]


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