Friday, March 21, 2014

My Morning Walk: "trying to spruce up"

Counting today I've walked three times to The Fun and Fitness Centre this week with the hope of losing five pounds before attending the Spring Ball in my best pants. And I've seen a lot more people out walking this week so I'm not alone in trying to spruce up.

While walking across the bridge on Ridout St. near Thames Park, I noticed something unusual (maybe it's usual and I'm just not in the know) floating upon the surface of the once mighty Thames River. Suds. Foam. Soapy stuff.

["A steady stream of suds"]

["Looking east, toward Labatts, from Ridout St. bridge"]

["Looking west from Ridout St. bridge"]

What is this stuff? Is it usual or unusual? Is a business near the Thames trying to spruce up their digs and pushing old suds down a drain?

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