Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dad's Navy Days

Deeper into Combined Operations

 ["Combined Ops shoulder patch. Am I thinking of a tattoo? Naw."]

Oh oh. I feel I am getting in pretty deep here. Not only am I a certified supporter of a website dedicated to veterans of and information related to Combined Operations, but I just sent 10 Great Britain Pounds (GBPs) off to Scotland to become a member of the Combined Operations Association.

["I found this Scottish cartoon via microfiche last October"] 

["By following Dad's footsteps, laid down during WW2, I see the world"]

Dad would get a kick out of the cartoon above. I don't know if he liked OXO cubes but he would fondly remember his rough training days in Irvine and Inveraray with British Commandos, 1942, in preparation for the raid on Dieppe and invasion of North Africa.

Link to Dad's Navy Days

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