Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Way We Roll 5

Seven Bean Ham Stew

This 'common man' stew was made possible by the fact that, after eating turkey dinners for five days in late December and after the company had all gone home, we still had a tonne of food left inside and packed around our old Frigidaire. It was made necessary because I couldn't see the back of the fridge and I knew week-old eggnog was in there somewhere and I wanted to have at it before the expiry date flew by in a dangerous manner.

Seven Bean Ham Stew is dead easy for a guy like me to make and, at suppertime, I feel like a champ. I just grabbed the slow cooker and filled it to the top with the following:

     1/3 to 1/2 of a cooked ham, diced into small cubes

     5 or 6 white and sweet potatoes, cubed

     1 can of six-bean medley

     2 cans of brown beans

     extra chick peas leftover from an earlier salad

     plenty of diced carrot, celery, onion, red or orange pepper,
     mushroom, turnip, zucchini

     a bit of Mrs. Dash, chili powder and pepper

     1/2 glass of Honey Mead wine

     1/2 glass of hoppy IPA

I turned the slow cooker to 'High' and spent the afternoon sniffing the air and lickin' my chops.

["Even better on the third day, I say"]

Especially after Christmas, that's the way we roll at our house.

FYI I had cauliflower on hand but didn't use it because it gives me gas.

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