Monday, January 19, 2015

Recommended Reading - re Combined Operations

Assault Landing Craft: Design, Construction & Operations

This book is written by Brian Lavery, author of another book I ordered from AbeBooks (i.e., Hostilities Only) around Christmas time, on the recommendation of two Scotsmen associated with the study and remembrance of Combined Operations. Because my father was a member of Combined Operations during WW2 (he signed up for two years of Hostilities Only (HO) and trained upon landing crafts in Scotland) I purchased both books. Because of particular photos, I have discovered that Assault Landing Craft is a rare treasure. Very rare and very timely!

From the book:

["Training for assaults at Camp Dundonald between Irvine and Troon"]

From my Scotland 2014 photo files:

["My photo from last October. I am between Irvine and Troon"]

From the book:

["Training session with LCAs at Inveraray, on Loch Fyne, Scotland:]

From my photo files:

["A park 2 mi. south of Inveraray, on former Navy training site"]

For anyone whose father or relatives were members of the Combined Operations organization during WW2 this book is highly recommended. Excellent details re landing craft, training sites and operations where landing craft were used, e.g., in North Africa, Sicily, Normandy.

Link to Recommended Reading re North Africa

Photos from text and GH

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