Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Way We Roll 6

1970's Super-Charged Blender

My wife stuck a week-old bowl of fruit under my nose yesterday and asked, "Is this still okay?"

I caught a whiff of 'over-ripe' but said, "It's just getting good. We still have a blender?"

Pat said we did, so I hauled it out of a lower cupboard, dusted it off a bit and went to town. Added yogurt, berry juice, milk. With seven buttons linked to a 1970's super-charged hemi to choose from, I hit WHIP, CHOP and LIQUEFY one after the other - because I could - and lunch was born.

That's the way we roll around here in 2015.

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Anonymous said...

Long live rule #5 !

G. Harrison said...

Thumbs up!