Thursday, October 1, 2015

Long Road Back 3

I Walk 'Miles and Mountains'

"Three good walks in three days. Steady Eddie so far" 

 "Thames Park is home to a doozy of a hill"

"Once over the bridge I walked uphill on Wortley Rd., toward home"

The photos tell most of the story about yesterday's long walk. It was a beaut and included an extra half-mile or more and a stop inside the gates of Labatts Park for a bit of a look-around.

The first goal related to 'the comeback' is to complete 50 walks that include about three miles/60 minutes' worth of travel and a few hills along the way. London has several good hills within walking distance of Old South and 'miles and mountains' will help me develop good stamina and strength for future goals.

Am I intending to return to long distance running? Truth be told, I'm not thinking that far ahead. MM50 is goal one. After that... we'll see what we will see. Right now I want to adhere to one of my favourite running philosophies...

Go slow and enjoy the view.

Steady as she blows!

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