Monday, June 20, 2016

My Morning Smile 4

My Little Wren (?)

Parts of a former chickadee nest litter the perch and porch

I noticed a wee wren (a brown wren, perhaps) in the process of cleaning out a birdhouse on my front porch yesterday morning (above). In the afternoon I heard it singing merrily in a backyard blue spruce and also saw it checking out two or three birdhouses on a rear wall of my house.

Oh, I hope she sets up shop. Wrens are great little singers and nest builders.

I think the middle house is roomier than the top units

She tries to shove a long twig into a small house

Please, please stay and make yourself at home, Dear Jennie.

(I heard her in the backyard when I left for my walk this morning. I have my fingers crossed).

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