Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Upcoming Projects: 18 Cedar Birdhouses and More

Yesterday was a Breezy Day

 Six red cedar houses (as in background) are underway

I like a breezy day. I can set up the table and chop saws outside, cut scads of lumber and share dust with people for miles around. Yesterday was such a day.

And because my supply of small birdhouses had thinned out, I felt I'd better start a few batches. "How about three sets of six?" I said to myself. I nodded and grabbed my recipe book and a pencil.

 Six examples of a new model, chiefly using cedar slats

I can't seem to keep wee chickadee and wren (cedar) houses in stock.
Six more in a pile. I bet they'll just fly away!

Okay, this ought to keep me busy for awhile! (Plus, four chairs continue to move along well, and lumber for a squirrel house is getting closer to the start line).  Good thing I'm retired and it's summer time in the city.

Please link to Upcoming Projects: Barnboard Birdhouses and More

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