Monday, June 27, 2016

Steady As She Goes 9

Steady Miles, More Shufflin'

Long legs help me cover plenty of miles each month

Another month is nearing its end, as is my set of 90 brisk walks that include shuffling off to Buffalo. I predict I will walk/shuffle about 120 miles in June, including more shuffling than in any other month. And since I can honestly say I am comfortably improving my shuffling or jogging speed over the course of a typical four-miler, a chief goal I set for myself ("Speed Up, Man") is being accomplished.

I past the 100-mile mark on June 25th, a four-miles-per-day average. AOK

8 miles yesterday during my 10th walk-a-jog of the month. Solid

I have one worry moving forward. My left foot is a bit sore and tender at times, hopefully just a minor set-back. I will cycle more as I determine what type of injury I am dealing with, as I move into my next set of brisk walks and further walk-a-jogging.

Am I paying the price for going too far too fast (high mileage months)? Do I need to reduce the frequency and speed of my shuffling/jogging? We shall see what we shall see.

Fortunately, I have the time to mount The GREAT Canadian Comeback, so I will take the time. I see no problem reducing my monthly mileage or shuffling along at a slower pace, because there are other components to walking/running I can be working on to improve, e.g., strength and flexibility.

More photos from along the way:

I try to keep my mouth shut during 'billion bugs' season

There are a lot of smooth runners in London, Ontario

Stay tuned.

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