Thursday, June 16, 2016

Steady As She Goes 6

Talking to Myself: It's OK

I flew past "The Spit" (WW2 navy base) and walked around it

Hey, Gord. It's OK to skip a Sunday long walk and go for a motorcycle ride. It's summertime and you paid a hefty price for that insurance policy. Go use it.

Hey, Gord. it's OK to focus for 4 - 5 days on other important things you have on your plate right now.

Gord, I bet you've done more walking and shuffling in the last 8 months than in the year before. Remember that when 'the short term' gets busy.

And you're shuffling is almost akin to jogging now. You're going farther than you were last month - at a steady JOGN pace - between walking breaks, you're not complaining of injuries, and you'll soon be back to a less hectic routine.

Smile. It's OK.

* * * * *

I had a rewarding trip to Vancouver Island (related to WW2 research re my 'Dad's Navy Days') in May and came back home to a busy workshop, the lure of the motorcycle and a few other projects that interest me. Soon my schedule will be a little less cramped, and conflicted feelings won't interrupt my day as often.

Meanwhile, I'll walk and shuffle and jog as time allows and enjoy the process of working my way toward a healthy fun and fitness routine - slowly but surely.

Hey, it's noon. Time for a salad and an easy four-miler.

I walked east, over a bridge in Courtenay, to look west

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