Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Transition Zone 20 - Walkn in November.

Still in The Zone for One More Day

Maybe I'll park the bike in Port Bruce and walk the beach

I finished October with a few proud numbers, including a 92. I walked 122 miles in October and covered 29.5 miles in the last full week. And finally, on October 31, I completed not only the 27th walk in 31 days but the 92nd of 100 walks in The Transition Zone (TZ).

A good start to the week! (Presentation re Dad's Navy Days - tonight!) 

One goal for November - "do as well as last year!"

One goal during the TZ was to see if I would develop into a smoother, more efficient jogger. By the end of 92 outings I can say I was doing just fine. There were outings in which I jogged 4 - 5 km. without much trouble whatsoever. That being said, winter is coming and I am going to stick to 'walking only' for the next few months.

Today or tomorrow I will complete TZ100 and have to decide what my goals will be for the next set of walks. That shouldn't be too tough. How about, "Everybody just stay calm and keep walking for fun and fitness"? Or, TZ#2?

We shall see what we shall see.

 Nice walkn in Port Bruce on Monday

 I found several comfy seats near the shoreline

Bring your own coffee. The Corner View is closed

Please link to The Transition Zone 19 - October Summary.

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