Sunday, November 13, 2016

Transition Zone Squared (1)

November Walkn - Steady, Solid, Squared

No doubt about it. Good habits prevail.

My feet feel good. My legs feel good. And whenever I take them outside for a walk (for about 1 and 1/4 hours), four miles feels good.

Stats for November 9 - 12

From Oct. 30 - Nov. 5 I covered 25 miles. From Nov. 6 - 12 I walked 28 miles. Steady pace, solid performance, just like a Ford pickup but without the expensive monthly payments.

I reached the end of the 'Transition Zone' set of 100 walks on Wednesday (TZ100), confident that I succeeded in improving my jogging pace during that set. I am also confident I will get back to jogging in the spring after completing my next set of 120 walks - which I'll call 'Transition Zone Squared' or TZ2.

If the weather in March 2017 is mild, I may start jogging before the set is complete. As I like to say, we will see what we will see.

By the Numbers;

During the last two full weeks I covered 53 miles

I aim to walk about 25 miles per week for the winter months

The "last-10-weeks average" now stands at 24.6 miles

Temperatures are declining and walkn enjoyment is increasing

Please link to The Transition Zone 20 - Walkn in November.

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